Fall Planning Guide


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October 2008

Did you know that this month is:

Family History Month

Work with a local genealogist to present a workshop on family history. Create a class around a family tree themed project. Create a display that incorporates vintage, ancestry, and nationality themed papers and accessories.

Make a difference Day

Invite employees to find a local senior citizen center, community center, or school to do a scrapbooking project.

Premiere of Mickey Mouse Club in 1955

This is a perfect time to promote your Disney products and do some fun giveaways! Do something fun like have all employees wear Mickey Mouse ears and have their names written on their shirt. Highlight, teach or demo projects that feature Disney and especially Mickey Mouse.

Stamp Collecting Month

This is a great time of year to show off all the great stamps that are available and all the different ways that customers can use their stamps. Create series of demos, sales, and events all month long with something happening each day. Be sure to include elements that all skills levels can participate in.

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