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Regular readers have noticed Scrap-n-Craft was down for a little over a week. We changed hosting companies, and in the process found out that Scrap-n-Craft’s database was wiped out. Some of the posts will be available to repost, but, you may still find a few error pages until we can get some of these posts back. You may also notice some of these posts may not ever be reposted, simply because they are nowhere to be found.

This is a really great time to start fresh and make the necessary changes that comes with growing and evolving. One part of this process will be to add more information on my coaching program and the information and programs that I rely on to help make my sites and clients sites traffic generators and places that readers want to bookmark to come back to. You will see over the next year, links to some of the best places on the web, and those that will enable you to have not only a web presence, but one that will bring traffic and sales.

If you have any suggestions or if you would like to ask a question, please feel free to comment or email info at

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