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Wouldn’t we all like even just a little fame? If I were not thinking of a particular subject, I would probably not hesitate to say NO! I don’t want to be a movie star or a singer…I don’t want that kind of Fame.

However, I wouldn’t mind it if someone happened by and knew me by name because of some scrapbook page I had created or some spectacular craft that I had done. Why is it different? Because, I feel like that if I were known by my peers, who would also be crafters, scrapbookers or hobby enthusiasts, that I would feel more connected and less worried about the crazies that follow the movie stars…

Paparazzi? Heck ya!! Bring on all those crazy scrapbooker’s and crafters! Those are my kind of fans!

Recently, over at, an article was posted about the subject of the Scrapbooking Contests, and how they come once a year, and it seems that some of those who seem the likely winner…are not…they are overlooked. This subject is near and dear to my heart, not because I have entered any of those contests, but because I have close friends who have tried year after year, and although I cannot say that every single one of them deserved to be the winner every year, there was at least one of them that should have been at least one time.

Listen in to the show and voice your opinions too!


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