How can a Building Block into a Photo Cube?


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The best way to keep the memories alive is through storing them inside a photo album or having a digital scrapbook. Pictures from family vacations, reunions, out of town trips and even parties should always be kept in a secure place. Scanning the photos and finding them in your storage boxes after how many years might need so much time and some might be misplaced.

Photos always show how much fun you have with your family and how important every shared memory is. It really feels good to see your family portrait upon waking up each day for you can get to realize how thankful you are to have them in your life. You can even put them on your office desk so your colleagues could see how much happiness you and your family have. Or just for decorative purposes, either way, they would really look great.

Have you still remembered your daughter’s building blocks? Did you know that they can be turned into a fabulous photo cube?

Photo cube let’s you place the picture on at least five sides of the cube. Just leave the bottom part to serve as your base. The steps in making a pretty photo cube are actually simple. All you need to have is glue, fabric hook-and-loop fasteners and the pictures cut accordingly to the size of the cube. If you have found a bigger cube then that would work best, it doesn’t matter whether there are letters or numbers engraved on it since it will be covered by your family photo.

First, print some pictures or cut the ready ones into the same sizes with the cube’s face. Then, glue one side of the fabric hook-and-loop fasteners onto the photo and the other one in the cube. After which, just stick it on. And just do the same with the other sides of the cube. It’s really fast and easy.

You don’t only get the chance to create another pretty decoration but at the same time, you’re giving value to the memories you and your family has spent. It could be a great Christmas gift too!

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