Keeping your Stuff Organized


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Scrapbookers often want to see how much patterned papers, colored buttons, sticky notes, photo paper, pins and other embellishments they have. They sometimes just place them on top of the desk or sometimes in a cute canister that they are familiar with. Many scrapbookers have this “Cute Container Syndrome” wherein they purchase a lot of cute canisters to be used for the storage of their scrapbooking materials which is practically wrong! Some of them even have printed labels to segregate their different stuff: some sheets of papers here, buttons there and pens everywhere! But it still doesn’t help.

Keeping things organized in your workplace should really a priority if you want to master the craft of scrapbooking. A lot of enthusiasts always tend to be confused with storage and organizing. They just keep just about everything without being particular on its usage and when the time comes that they need it, they have a hard time looking for the most useful ones. And when they have finally finished using them, just put them back on the canisters where they got them. Oh well, same thing, it’s scrappy. It is often said that “You can’t solve an organization problem with storage containers, and you can’t solve a storage problem by categorizing again your stuff.”

It is very vital to know the purpose of the items and not just categorizing it. There are two ways to keep your stuff organized. First, systematize it by colors and second, classify it by shape. In a way, these two categories could help you find the things you need in the future as well as lessening the hardship when it’s time to keep it. Besides, all that matters is that you determine your preferences and then apply them.

Many scrapbookers sometimes tend to have the “Do I have it Syndrome” wherein they tend to misplace their things after use and purchase a whole new set. And later realize that it’s just somewhere behind the shelves or kept well inside the drawer. No matter how cute the jars, files, boxes and so on, if it’s very well categorized and stored, all of them will become useful and would actually lose its function. They just become merely part of the room as decoration.

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