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Nothing could be more exciting and heart-flattering than see your daughter grow up from a newborn to a successful young woman. Preserving the memories you have with your children through photos is exceptional and by the time they get married, you can share this with them and just observe how much joy these little things would give them.

Being creative when it comes to your Scrapbook project is very important. Remember, you don’t just do it to have something to give. Rather, it is a compilation of your little girl’s transformation from childhood to adulthood. The different stages she went through are also the stages you have gone through as a mother.

Scrapbooks are simple and practically inexpensive but it is one of the best ways to show them your adoration. There are lots of wonderful things that can go into the scrapbook like notes, photos, cut-outs, letters, embellishments, etc.

Here are some creative tips on how you design your Scrapbook:

1.    Look for art papers with different designs.
2.    Set a theme for every page. (i.e baby footsteps for toddler stage)
3.    Cut-out magazine pictures.
4.    Look for PHOTOS on her first experiences (i.e first swim, first day in school, first trip, etc.)
5.    Write hand-written notes expressing your feelings when she had her firsts.
6.    Look for adolescent, teenage and adult photos.
7.    And write a special letter for your little girl at the last page.

Nowadays, digital scrapbooks are already available but personally made scrapbooks still brings a different impact to the receiver and always remain as a perfect gift for someone so special.

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