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Are you planning for an out of town trip? If yes, then I think this project is just right for you. Many of us are enjoying road trips especially when it’s more than an 8 hour travel. There will be a lot of cities that we can actually visit when we travel and different scenes could be seen along the road. Having an out of town trip does not happen always because of the busy schedules of parents and other accompanying adults so every moment worth picturing is really important. Whether the spree is just in your home state or you are driving across the country, your reminiscences will be sweeter when you put down everything out in a scrapbook.

When travelling, the space inside the car is too limited so it’s not really practical to bring all your scrapbooking kits with you. Instead, bring with you your notebook and a pen. Write everything that you find interesting along your trip like museums you have passed by, outlet stores that you went shopping to, restaurants and even fast food chains wherein you had your dinner or just the unfamiliar surroundings. If you have stayed in a hotel for overnight then it would be great too! Everything should be written to your journal as well as sketches of the fondest memories during your road trip.

Do not forget to take picture perfect moments. When travelling, it is really a necessity not to forget your handy digital cameras or an SLR if you have one. It is impossible that you remember everything like how the food looks like or the ambience per se. It is important to take photos for it would really remind you how much fun you had during the road trip.

Lastly, do not forget to buy souvenirs that could be pasted on your scrapbook such as post cards or maps. It could add up to the overall experience you had and a proof that you can show to your friends that you really went on a trip.

Do not also fail to remember to purchase scrapbooking materials when you get home that are somehow related to the road trip you just had which includes stickers of road signs and patterned papers with lovely background that are somehow similar to the places you have visited.

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