Old Jeans to an Apron


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Now and then, people often buy jeans and just store them inside their closet once it doesn’t fit well anymore or they are already too outdated to be used. But it shouldn’t be that way. Old jeans can be used in so many ways that you actually can’t even imagine so don’t just let go of your old stuff just like that. It can eventually turn into some useful stuff like bags, wallets and even an apron to be used in your kitchen.

Aprons are being used inside the kitchen to protect your clothes from being wet and dirty. In this project, we will teach you on how to turn your old scrappy jeans into a new kitchen necessity and just perfect for your lively kitchen.

We will basically need an old pair of jeans, sewing machine, scissors, string or twine, foam and scrap pieces of fabric to get everything started.

Let’s first cut up the inseam of one pant leg and up to the back to open flat. We now have a piece to work with and never mind the measurements, as long as your okay with the length and it’s all good. Next, we will remove the excessive parts for us to have neat edges. Pin a 1/2 inch seam around the two sides of the cut jeans. Choose a nice color of thread and it around the sides you have pinned. Around the top seam, put a gap of about 2 inches for the ties.

After that, it’s time to add some appliqués. Use the scrap pieces of your old shirts; we will need red, white and yellow. We will now cut the different colored fabrics into different shapes and designs. We’ll be making a kitchen necessity so we need to come up with a design to fit the scene. First, a hotdog; using the red cloth, we will pattern it into a hotdog, make about two of them. Second, from your white and yellow fabric, we will be making an egg. Let’s stuff the egg yolk with used foams to make it more realistic. After which, sew them into your apron and we’re done.

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Spice Up your Old Jeans


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Are you the types who always tries to keep your closet updated? Then this post is just right for you. Jeans are just one of the basic clothing pieces we all need to store inside our closet for it is already part of our daily lives. Usually, jeans are being used by teenagers for school, parties and other casual occasions. They just wear jeans, a basic white tee and a Chuck Taylor’s then they’re good to go, right? But what if they are already tired looking at those straight cut jeans and thinking of just getting a new pair, maybe they should think again perhaps it only needs a little of spicing up.

Let’s get started with our project and have your fashionable jeans in less than an hour.

Here’s what we will need.

A pair of your favorite jeans


1. Get a pair of your favorite jeans and think of a design that would match your personality. If you love pink then get yourself pink and white rhinestones, I’m pretty sure it would match.

2. Get a sharp blade (children should be assisted by elders) and try to scuff lightly the hind pockets as well as the front to exude a sexy attitude. Now, it features a new style of jeans distressed in all the right places.

3. Draw a pattern on the back pockets and front pockets for your rhinestones. Rhinestones come in various colors and can be purchased in your nearest craft shop. Look for flat backs making them easier to glue on.

4. Now, you’ll need to have some glue to stick your rhinestones on the jeans to attain a permanent accent. You must use a good one that won’t dissolve in the wash.

And you’re done. You now have a personalized spiced up jean that makes it easy to match with almost anything! Whether you’re going for a slightly dressy or casual look, make it your comfortable go-to jeans. It needs not to be pricey to achieve a fabulous look, all you’ll need is a little of your artistry and creativity.

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