Scrapbook Materials 101


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Scrapbooking could be so much fun for it takes you back to memory lane because of the different elements that has in it. There are photos, write-ups, appliqués, colorful sheets and just the textured paper itself that makes it exciting to look at. But some individuals who really got no idea on how to do it have a hard time in thinking where to begin. In this article, you will be able to know and learn that there are so many ways to start with a scrapbook project. Finding the best materials is really fun and easy.

Here’s how:

By Theme

The theme is one of the key elements to a successful scrapbook project. First, you have to think the basic question, “for whom is the scrapbook for?” If you have already thought of that, you will be able to know and grasp the very idea for the entire project. There are a lot of themes to choose from whether it’s for babies, beach parties, children, Christmas gatherings, holidays or just about everything. When you have already set your theme, you will be able to know what materials you would need including embellishments, photos and sticky notes.

By Color

Scrapping by color could really be very interesting. Whenever you create scrapbooks and you still don’t have the idea and you have a lot of colorful ideas then it’s best to start to pick the right colors first. When choosing the colors, you should keenly select the colors that match to the idea you have on mind. It doesn’t have to be all primary colors or whatsoever since it’s just a stepping stone on selecting the embellishments and appliqués that are just right for your project. It helps you find the ideal color schemes and products for your scrapbooking projects.

By Type

Sometimes, people get confused with the theme and type. It’s way different. When you shop for materials and you still don’t have the basics then better start with fundamental materials like adhesives, scissors, trimmers, chipboards, stickers, ribbon, paper and the like.
When shopping scrapbook materials, you just have to select the things that you would only need in order not to exceed your budget and not to waste your money.

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Scrap your Road Trip


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Are you planning for an out of town trip? If yes, then I think this project is just right for you. Many of us are enjoying road trips especially when it’s more than an 8 hour travel. There will be a lot of cities that we can actually visit when we travel and different scenes could be seen along the road. Having an out of town trip does not happen always because of the busy schedules of parents and other accompanying adults so every moment worth picturing is really important. Whether the spree is just in your home state or you are driving across the country, your reminiscences will be sweeter when you put down everything out in a scrapbook.

When travelling, the space inside the car is too limited so it’s not really practical to bring all your scrapbooking kits with you. Instead, bring with you your notebook and a pen. Write everything that you find interesting along your trip like museums you have passed by, outlet stores that you went shopping to, restaurants and even fast food chains wherein you had your dinner or just the unfamiliar surroundings. If you have stayed in a hotel for overnight then it would be great too! Everything should be written to your journal as well as sketches of the fondest memories during your road trip.

Do not forget to take picture perfect moments. When travelling, it is really a necessity not to forget your handy digital cameras or an SLR if you have one. It is impossible that you remember everything like how the food looks like or the ambience per se. It is important to take photos for it would really remind you how much fun you had during the road trip.

Lastly, do not forget to buy souvenirs that could be pasted on your scrapbook such as post cards or maps. It could add up to the overall experience you had and a proof that you can show to your friends that you really went on a trip.

Do not also fail to remember to purchase scrapbooking materials when you get home that are somehow related to the road trip you just had which includes stickers of road signs and patterned papers with lovely background that are somehow similar to the places you have visited.

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A Story Book


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When I was in pre-school, I can always remember that I can’t go to sleep without my mom telling stories about how Cinderella ran away from his prince when 12mn struck or how Sleeping beauty woke up after being kissed by the prince. No matter how many times she would repeat it, I would never get tired of it. I often ask my mom, “Mom, when can I meet my prince and have a happily ever after?” By then on, I always believed in fairy tales and how magical it is to live in a castle with your prince. But I have to admit it that there’s just so many wonderful things that has to change as we grow older.

Fairy tales doesn’t have a bad ending though they are wicked witches on it. Consequently, I know that they’re just stories of make-believe but I would still want to impart my children the best things in life by making my own story book. It would a story book showing them my unforgettable memories and experiences with them. So by the time they grow up and get married they will be able to see how beautiful my life was by having them.

Story books can be so boring when all you have wrote there are words, phrases and letters, right? So in order to make it more lively and interesting, I’ll be making a real story book with all our family photos in it and all the moments we’ve shared together as a family including first birthdays, reunion parties, back yard gardening etc.

Coming up with a story book doesn’t have to be as amazing as Cinderella’s story. It should be written by heart to keep the output sweet and memorable. Sharing fun moments during their first birthdays could be interesting. You can write how many visitors they had and how busy you were preparing the gift bags, their dresses to wear, how dad took photos even though he doesn’t know how to and the difficultly of managing your own kitchen in preparing the food and drinks for the guests. Simple things like that can be so touching once they read it when they grow older, they will eventually understand your effort and hardships as a mom. It’s irreplaceable for it feels good to be a parent and a person who really gives value to her children.

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