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In today’s contemporary times, it is important to keep our spiritual side. Scrapbooking allows us to keep a record of our spirituality, shows God’s presence in our lives, and documents the religious milestones we have achieved.

Religious symbols are easy to find without going to a specialty religious store. The diversity found in scrapbooking supplies are endless and appeal to a wide variety of people, including many forms of Christianity. Items of different religious events are easily found, as well. From LDS (or Mormon) to Catholicism, Judaism, and other religious faiths, the world of scrapbooking offers a faith-and-history based documentation process.

Wholesomeness is a wonderful value the Mormon or LDS foundation in scrapbooking has attained. This achievement continues to allow religious scrapbookers to show their spiritual side and preserve the memories for future generations to come.

Each religion has different milestones to preserve. It is common for religions to form a scrapbooking club to preserve memories and history together. It is also common for members of different faiths to work side by side, sharing ideas and supplies, all with the same goal… to share their lives with God and show others, as well.

We all know Footprints in the Sand ( – gives 3 versions), the poem telling of God’s journey with you through life. While we don’t know who the author truly is, we can still benefit from the beauty of this beloved poem. This is a great “journaling” of one’s life… you just add the pictures. You will have instant beauty and spirituality, as it (the poem) applies to everyone.

Michelle McVaney, of BellaOnline, has a wonderful version of how-to begin Faithbooking. Her first step is to “gather your stones” (check out She attributes much of God to other events as well, such as birthdays and other prayers that God has answered. I believe you will also find inspiration in her writing and begin to “gather” your own stones, beginning your own Faithbook… It could be the beginning to your own journey. If you weren’t spiritual before, it could be surprising to you how much of what you do really is (spiritual)!

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