Advertising With The Use Of Store Specific Carryout Bags


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When Roger’s grandfather opened his fruit stand some seventy years ago, he had no idea that it would be the catalyst which propelled his grandson into becoming one of the most prominent and influential business owners in the entire state. His specialty grocery store was known throughout the midwest for being the place to go for the very best produce, meat, and baked goods. The store was also known for its full service, and provided specialty services as varied as delivery, carryout, and a drive-thru option. Each and every day, customer after customer could be seen exiting Roger’s business with paper sacks filled with specialty cheeses, hard to find health food items, and prepared soups and sandwiches. Roger’s customers were his very best method of advertising as they told others about their good shopping experiences but Roger’s other primary source of advertising was through his use of custom paper bags. Roger, like many others, selected this method of advertising for four simple reasons.

Functionality: Advertising with this tactic is a very prudent budgetary move. Essentially a business owner is achieving dual goals for the price of one with this method. First of all, customer purchases have to be packed in something durable and useful, and this is a guarantee of being accomplished. Second, a grocery satchel is basically a blank canvas on which to transmit any store information an owner feels he’d like to make known. Whether that is store hours, store motto, services offered, or eye-catching logo, all this can be presented on this movable, highly visible surface.

Affordability: As previously discussed, all grocery owners must provide their customers with a way to transport their groceries to their homes. This is a necessary expense written into the business plan of any store owner. For a insignificant bump in price, the grocery toter can be a walking advertisement. Compared with other advertising options, the minimal price increase is relatively insubstantial. This type of advertising is very cost effective and very simple to execute. All it takes is creating an effective layout for the space and determining which message you wish to get across to your customers.

Reusability: The vast majority of customers save and reuse the totes which they have used for their groceries. These totes then become used for many, many additional jobs. From book covers for the kids, to a way to transport any random item or items from place to place, to a handy holder for storing products or even for containing recycle-able materials in the recycling bin. Their purposes are plentiful and their uses are many fold.

Eco-friendly. Speaking of recycling, it is not hard to purchase your tote materials from a company with the goal of producing their goods in an eco-friendly way. Companies who produce totes or packing materials, in particular those processing plastic and wood based goods, are often knowledgeable in eco-friendly harvesting and recycling techniques. One trip to a company website or one conversation with a sales rep should provide a clue to the importance a company places on their responsibility to the environment.

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