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Workplace equipment supplies for construction, military warfare, excavation and other industrial jobs almost always includes custom shoes with steel toes for foot protection and hard hats for head protection. The hard hat is intended to protect the wearer from falling debris, inclement weather and even electric shock. The hats provide 1.2 inches of space between the shell and the head, so the impact of falling objects will be significantly lessened and absorbed by the hat. Originally, most hats were made of metal, but later, fiberglass and rigid plastic became the materials of choice.

There are several different types of hard hats for work. A Type II helmet provides some degree of protection for off-center injuries and top of head injuries. Class E, electrical helmets, are intended to protect wearers from falling objects, electrical volts and serious burns. Employees who work with electrical equipment will be spared from burns up to 30,000 volts that persist for three minutes. Class G, general use helmets, keep workers safe from falling objects and up to 2,200 volts of electric current for one minute. This is one of the more popular hard hat equipment supplies for miners, construction workers, tunnel-builders, ship-builders, lumberjacks and manufacturers. Class C, special service hats, are intended for lightweight comfort, rather than electrical resistance, and may be used for oil field/refinery workers, chemical plant workers and certain light construction or manufacturing positions to protect from head bumps.

A good place to find equipment supplies like hard hats is www.industrialsafetygear.com. The cheapest hats one can buy are the $3 Pyramex standard brim Class C, G and E, with snap lock suspension or ratchet suspension; these hats come in yellow, white, red, orange, red-orange, blue, green and gray. Special hat designs offered on the site include: Vulcan’s cowboy hard hats; MSA’s “Freedom Series” hats in camouflage and US flag; Fibre Metal’s graphic hats in demon, spirit of America, flame or wire burner themes; Harley Davidson’s flame helmets; and the RealTree camo helmet. In just one day, custom helmets can also be made. If unsatisfied, buyers can get an exchange or a refund (minus a 15% restocking fee).

While looking for equipment supplies for their hard hats, many workers wonder how to keep the sweat out of their eyes. Seasoned veterans say that sometimes the best option is a woman’s touch — err, a sanitary pad stuck to the inside of the helmet to absorb the sweat. Others like wearing a bandana or sweatband. Some of these products can be found at www.tasco-safety.com/hhats/hhats06.html. While many hats claim to be “ventilated,” a study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology found that there was no discernable difference in temperature for “ventilated” helmets.

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