Save the Environment with these Simple Four Steps You can Do Now


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In the last several years politicians have been urging citizens to be aware of how their actions are hurting the environment and that simple things that they do can help fix the problem. Global warming is abig problem in the environment and the fast eroding in some coastal communities is alarming. Also, with the global warming it is destroyingmuch of Antarctica’s glaciers creating an increased water volume in the ocean which is now covering land at an frightening speed] as well. This article will give you several ways on helping the environment other typesof transportation and reducing your meat consumption.

Step One: Recycle & Reuse
A majority of Americans do not recycle regularly. One reason is that itcosts more money. Theaverage cost to having a recycling service pick up your items is just $20 fortwelve months. In some statesareas, incentives are given to communities that recycle. One example is in Terrace Park, Ohio. This small town chose to pay for recycling for the entire population of 2,000 residents. Now over 90% of the residents recycle,an increase from just 30%. When you recycle all of your plastic, glass and paper items it will greatly reduce your household garbage amount which will then reduce the size of garbage landfills. Another important way to reuse items is to use your own bags to gowhen shopping. Typically, when a shopper goes to the grocery store, they use 4 plastic sacks. If youtake your own bag, it prevents four bags from gettingthrown away. Many stores have designed fun reusable bags for a small price to encourage this. In Europe all sacks given by the market will carry a charge. This is very effective in getting people to use their own bags.

Step Two: Replace your Light Bulbs
A simple energy saving solution that will help the environment in the long run is to change outall of your light bulbs in yourhouse. The more energy efficient ones are more costly, but the savings over time and benefits outweigh the upfront expense.

Step Three: Alternative Modes of Transportation
If everyone would pick one day a week to not use their car, the air quality would significantly get better and as a result it will aid the ozone layers. Either carpool with a coworker, ride your bike to school or walk to the store that isjust blocks away instead. Also, get rid ofyour gas guzzling SUV and buy a more efficient hybrid vehicle as well.

Step Four: Reduce Meat Consumption
New studies are showing the cost and energy used to provide meat to Americans is an expensive one that is also affecting the environment. It was discovered that ifcitizens eliminate 2-3 hamburgers a week it would be equal to taking all of the SUV’s off the roads in air quality and environmental toxins. Not only does it help the environment, but eating a vegetarian meal now and then will improve] your health {too.

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