The Business District of Historic Milford, Ohio Features Four Great New Places


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Milford, Ohio is one of the older more established neighborhoods in the Greater Cincinnati area. Its historic downtown area is filled with stores that have been there for a long time. Some of these stores include Allen’s which sells vacuum parts and vacuum pumps, Enchanted Moments and a shoe repair store. Recently, there has been an rise in the amount of new businesses that have established themselves here and are creating a lot of buzz. Not only are these companies successful, they are also breathing new life into this historic part of town. Four of the companies include 20 Brix, Padrino, Sugar and the Bridge Cafe.

The owners of 20 Brix, not only built a new building that is a cornerstone in the downtown development, they also have created a destination restaurant that has a great menu and superior wine. The menu is an eclectic mix of items that have been carefully selected and paired with featured wines. They host a variety of tastings and can have any size group. There is also outside seating for enjoying the weather and people watching. In addition to their restaurant, they also have a retail portion of their space that offers distinctive wine accessories, glasses and other entertaining supplies.

A second new business that is drawing a lot of attention is Padrino. The same owners of 20 Brix created this small family oriented restaurant that features Italian food. They offer a choice of pizzas, pastas and appetizers. Many nights they have live music, beer tastings and other types of social functions. They also have a couple places to sit outside for sidewalk dining at its best. While the style of some of the stores in downtown Milford is still dated, Padrino does a great job of bringing an element of urban, modern dining to this area.

The most recent addition to downtown Milford is a small cupcakery named Sugar. They are capitalizing on the nationwide trend of cupcakes being the desert of choice. The building where this store is located was transformed structurally to maintain the original look while being completely modernized. The facade is painted a fresh shade of dark purple with cream coloring on the trim. It looksfresh and inviting. The cupcakes come in a variety of flavors and are beautifully decorated. Each piece looks like something that could be photographed for a magazine. Whether people buy these cupcakes for the dessert for a big party or just purchase one for an afternoon treat, Sugar provides wonderful choices that everyone is sure to enjoy.

The fourth company to have a great, new existence in downtown Milford is The Bridge Cafe. This is a restaurant that is open for breakfast and lunch. It is run and operated by Sonrise church and it’s volunteer members. It features a full coffee bar, homemade cookies, desserts and cozy places to visit with friends. The food is fresh, light and extremely well received. The money from this business goes directly to the church. While it may seem like they would be promoting their religious beliefs, they do a wonderful job at making this a wonderful eatery where anyone is welcome, regardless of their spirituality.

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