Wedding Party Favor Ideas


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According to, the wedding party favor tradition is rooted in “ancient European history,” where wealthy families would give gifts to thank their guests for sharing in special occasions with them. These favors were typically made of gold, silver, precious gems or crystal to symbolize the five most important ingredients in a marriage bond; health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life. Sugar, a rare substance of great value, was also a popular gift, which is perhaps why the chocolate wedding favor continues to be popular to this day. In modern times, choosing a favor isn’t just about thanking the guests: it’s about thanking the wedding party too, which is a whole other level of complexity.

The most common gift for your bridesmaids is jewelry; in part because it’s hard to fail at this. Women, by nature, love to adorn themselves with unique, varying accessories, such as a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings. The great thing about these unique party favors is that the bridesmaids can wear them at the wedding ceremony and also wear them to other fancy events in the future. You may want to choose a wedding party favor like the $25 Swarovski crystal monogrammed charm bracelets at, bridesmaid jewelry sets for under $30 at, for bridesmaid necklaces for $20-50, or for a wide range of stunning jewelry/unique favors for your bridesmaids.

If many in your wedding party have traveled for your wedding or if you chose to have a destination wedding, then travel accessories can make the perfect wedding party favor. For instance, personalized cosmetic bags sell at in a variety of styles and colors for $18 – $22, depending on the size, or you may prefer a monogrammed toiletry bag for $25. An initialed, black men’s toiletry bag can also be purchased for $28, which will hold all your friend’s deodorants, shaving creams, razors, aftershave, combs, soaps, nail clippers and other travel items. An excellent selection of men’s and women’s party favor supplies can be found at, where women can choose from giraffe, zebra print, polka-dot or other patterned bags and men can choose leather or canvas accessory travel bags. You may also want to consider personalized luggage tags for the weary travelers.

The wine-themed wedding party favor is a big hit among both men and women. You can create your own customized wine bottles at, which can be a relaxing treat after the hustle and bustle of a busy wedding. Other interesting items include wine carrying bags (, $27.98), wine stopper/bottle opener sets (, $17.98), a wine collar/stopper/pouring spout set (, $25), wine and chocolate or wine sampler sets (, $40-$80) and personalized wine glasses (, $14.99). At, you’ll find a number of unique wine wedding favor ideas, such as personalized wine holders, wine carrier totes, wine coolers, leather carriers, bottle bags and more.

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